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The MoH Reborn Project has been initiated to revitalize the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault game.

Its corner stone is an unofficial patch, created by the xNULL community, that has been in active development for over 10 years.

We also develop solutions for MoH:SH/BT/PA, and we continuously try to extend our efforts into supporting those titles as well.

This website serves as documentation for MoH:AA Reborn 1.12 Patch and all other solutions we have built during all those years (for example GameSpy's masterserver replacement).

We hope that users, which are both server admins and players, will find it useful.

You may be interested in:

or the rest of resources we prepared for you.

xNULL Community

xNULL is a community of gamers, modders, server admins, artists, developers and other enthusiasts who are mainly centered around Medal of Honor gaming franchise, but we don't limit ourselves in this regard.

If you have any questions, problems or simply want to talk with us about anything MoH/modding/technology related, you can find us here:

You can also find many members of our community in other places, like:

If you want to host your own MoH:AA/SH/BT server without a hassle, you may want to consider using game hosting services provided by one of our core maintainers - own3mall:


If you would like to contribute to this documentation, you can do this on several levels:

  • by creating a GitHub issue, describing what in your opinion needs changing
  • by directly forking the source code of this documentation, making needed changes and sending us pull request, which will be then discussed and eventually incorporated

The link to the documentation repository is located in the upper-right corner of this website.

Keep in mind, that it's usually better to open new issue to start a discussion before implementing changes that may or may not find their way into next release, in order to avoid unnecessary work.

Please read Contributor's Guide on GitHub repository for more detailed information.

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