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Player voting

MoH:AA/SH/BT is known to have broken voting system. It's rarely used by server admins and players.

Reborn introduces new, upgraded vote system, that server admins and players can use to build servers that take players will into consideration.

As server administrator, there are few cvars and configuration files that let you control new voting mechanism.


g_allowvote cvar is used to enable or disable voting on server.

set g_allowvote <0-1>


g_votetimeout cvar sets vote expiration time.

Time is counted in minutes. After this time, vote will expire and server will evaluate Yes and No votes and make a decision whether vote has passed or not. If you want to set vote expire time to less than 1 minute, type 0.x, where x is a number.

set g_votetimeout <0-5>


  • 0.5 -> 30 seconds
  • 1.5 -> 90 seconds
  • 0.33 -> around 20 seconds (1/3 of minute)

By default it's set to 1 minute.

Configuring vote limitations

You can control what server commands players can vote for. You may want to let players vote for map changes, but not for map restarts or player kicks/bans, or vice versa.

allowedvotes.cfg file stores a list of all commands that players can use when calling a vote with callvote command.

Each command entry should appear in a new line. Player will only be able to cast votes with commands from this list. If the list is empty, they won't be able to cast a vote even if voting is enabled on the server.

This is an example of such file:


If you allow map or gamemap commands to be used in votes, you can additionally control what maps players can vote for when they want to change a map.

The list of maps allowed to be used during voting is stored in allowedmaps.cfg file.

Each map name should be placed in a new line. Players can see the list of allowed maps by issuing allowedmaps command from game console during gameplay.

This is an example of such file:

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